Faine (squeeforme) wrote,


I'm still alive and in India. In Mumbai til' May 2nd then returning to the USA. Sill doing the blog, though I can't post to the internet right now...this will be rectified soon. laptop no wifi basically.

Unfortunately the universe is mad at me and I have learned long-distance that my transfer prospects are grim and getting grimmer. All the UC's and state schools rejected me due to the transfer of a single math course, so now I'm appealing, sending syllabi, and generally begging for mercy. We shall see.

Simon's Rock, I have learned today, forgot to send my transcripts to Claremont, and my professor got confused and didn't send her rec either....(not her fault)....so that is also in fuckup land.

So my options appear to be St. Mary's in the Bay or, uh, exotic dancing. And I can't dance. Remember kids! This is what a 4.0 will get you! (jack)

I am considering staying in Mumbai. Unfortunately I do not think this will work.
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