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an update an update

Life is good.

I have a job at Utrecht Art Supplies. It's actually a pretty darn good job. I like the customers we get, I like my co-workers, and I get to spend downtime in the store shooting rubber bands at people and doodling.

Just booked my flights to India this morning. British Airways. I hope the food isn't bangers and mash...(like on Virgin Atlantic..) The trip is looking better and better. I may be visiting Indian family friends of my grandparents in New Delhi after my internship is over. I will see the Taj Mahal and maybe even visit their house in the Himalayan foothills. I am scared of the gigantic langur monkeys though.

I am now the Food Intern at Midtown Monthly magazine in town. This means I get to call deeply incredulous local restaurants and arrange photo shoots and such. I may have some of my reviews in next months issue which is lke ttly awsome.

For much more frequent updates, as always, check out my food blog here: http://teenagechowhound.blogspot.com/
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