Faine (squeeforme) wrote,

no more frozen wasteland

I'm back in California and done with Simon's Rock for good. I will never have to wear a parka, slog through the snow, or suffer through what are charmingly called "stinging ice pellets" ever again (unless I want to.) I will also not have to listen to 15 year old kids prattle on about Focault over lukewarm Sysco food in the dining hall again. I will also never have to write a response journal or (hopefully) construct an Excel spreadsheet complete with explanation ever again.


I'm certain I will grow to miss things about Simon's Rock (and people, of course,) but for now I'm basking in freedom, getting really good grades (even if I suffered for them) and generally being back in California where I belong instead of among a bunch of stiff necked Easterners who think boiling food is a really good idea. To fifty degrees, a sushi restaurant on every corner, and hippies...oh wait, they have hippies in Great Barrington too. Damn.

Merry Christmas!
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