Faine (squeeforme) wrote,

what in the heck?

I still have a Livejournal?

I'm sorry I've neglected this so badly in the last few weeks!

Just had my fall break. It was pretty excellent, although I'm bummed that I didn't get to see Emily or, well, anyone else, since all my old Waldorf friends are still at college...therein the disadvantage to Simon's Rock and its curiously timed breaks. Ah well, I'll see em' all at Thanksgiving. It was good to see the parents and to eat delicious, delicious Vietnamese food pretty much every day. My mom IMed me last night to gleefully report that they had frozen pizza for dinner, since of course I am the Evil Menu Nazi. Pshaw. So this is what I get for attempting to elevate the level of culinary discourse in this family!

I'll be done with Simon's Rock forever and ever in....exactly seven and a half more weeks. Yay.

In any case, I'm feeling a bit better at school. I didn't even go into conniptions today because I got a dreaded, terrifying B on my math paper. DEFINITELY making progress.

I know what the problem is: I have this irrational fear that if I don't get completely perfect grades, I won't get into any of my transfer schools, not a single one. And then, sadly, I will have to stay at Simon's Rock, and deal with the winter and the craziness for a million trillion more years.

This is of course silly and has no grounding in reality. I figure if I keep on telling myself that (a million jillion more times?) I might actually believe it.

I'm working on the UC and State applications right now, and I'll be doing the private school applications throughout the spring. They should be No Big Deal.

I do have something to be very excited about: I'm officially going to be in Bangalore, India from March 3rd to April 16th, doing a music magazine internship. There will doubtless be chai, masala dosas, and lots and lots of cheap beer in my future. At the end of that time, my parents will come, and I'll fly up to Delhi to meet them. Plan is to take the Palace on Wheels train through Rajasthan during the week that my dad has available. It should be amazing. Or, you know, I'll get Delhi Belly from hell and have to be air-lifted out, could go either way.

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