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A Nice Day In Town?

Small secret: I don't like Simon's Rock. Not one bit. In fact, "passionate hatred" has become my main opinion on the place. Still, I can appreciate (to a degree) the charming Norman Rockwellesque character of Great Barrington. I can generally enjoy myself in town, even if I do tend to find myself dying for a banh mi or a decent lunch under 10 bucks or some semblance of culture not run by really old Ivy League graduates. But it can be a pretty place.

Today's venture into civilization began with me hitchhiking down the hill (usual.) I nearly sprinted over to Siam Square, my usual Thai place, weak with hunger. The friendly lady running it immediately recognized me, what with me being in there twice a week, and took my to-go order of Pad Thai.

I don't know if it was my hunger or the beautiful Indian-Summer day or what but it tasted good. I plonked down my little takeout box on the park bench, all alone beside the firestation, and happily chowed down on my tamarindy-noodley lunch. They'd even prepared it in such a way to get just a little oh-so-good char on the noodles, which combined with the meaty chunks of chicken, made me a happy puppy.

I then read another 100 pages of Jack London's, "The Sea Wolf," which is totally un PC by most liberal arts college standards. I don't care if he wasn't being Culturally Sensitive or exposing the Massive Flaws Inherent In Our Philosophical System (though he kinda was trying to, what with Wolf Larsen commenting a lot on our essential...yeastiness.) I love good adventure yarns.

And then I went on one of my usual strolls through town, taking incredibly awful photos as I went (I'm good at that.) I walked down past the Co-Op and to the middle school, where a baseball game played entirely by laughing, light-hearted middle aged men was going on. I watched them flop around for a while, then parked myself by the bridge and watched the river go out. The quality of light was gorgeous, and as I heard the clink of the bat and watched the jet-trails spin overhead, I momentarily thought, New England ain't so bad.

But then I remembered winter and the lack of banh mi and I wanted to go back to California again.
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Speaking of that, I met a couple of Tasmanians in China of all places. They were nice, friendly, hard-drinking guys..go figure. :)
Isn't some variety good though? It's hot when it's supposed to be, not all year long...
Variety is good. "-12 with stinging ice pellets" (a real forecast from last year) is definitely, definitely not.
Hay I miss banh mi too.
Oh, I didn't realize you were in Great Barrington. I used to go there all the time when I lived in the Northeast. It is a charming little town...I went there occasionally during the warm seasons because we had family friends there, but mostly during the winter for the skiing. Not the greatest skiing in the world, but it wasn't too far from where we used to live in CT.
there's definitely bahn mi in new england..