Faine (squeeforme) wrote,


Hey! I'm back from China. I couldn't update or view LJ or Blogger due to the mysterious Chinese government while I was in Beijing, so that explains the long LJ-silence. Anyway, I kept a hand-written journal and took a ton of photos, so expect me to start writing and putting up every day of my trip (and I mean it) on my blog once my laptop gets repaired. It died a tragic hard-drive death...but I think it'll be okay once the repair guys get their hands on it. Back to school in a couple weeks, but right now I am VERY much enjoying being back in civilization...

I also managed to almost completely beat jet-lag by means of ancient vooodoo. Or I stayed up all night long the day before I flew out at noon, then drugged myself into total submission on the plane with Tylenol PM. In any case, it WORKED. Remember that.
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